PM4Protocerebral Medulla 4
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El componente mas habitual es el bifaz, que supone mas del 40% del grupo en todas las series examinadas y que llega a representar mas del 70% en el nivel PM4 de Porto Maior (Mendez-Quintas et al., 2018).
On the other hand, the mean levels of particulate fractions ([PM.sub.10], PM4, [PM.sub.2.5], and [PM.sub.1]) recorded in Table 2 significantly exceed the air quality guidelines.
For instance, no advanced management tools for scheduling were used (PM1) and no standard design review operating procedures were strictly implemented (PM4).
When a [top] manager changes, operational managers change as well" (PM4).
During the entire measurement period the sum of the SIA species in PM4 averaged 15.5 [+ or -] 9.8 [micro]g/[m.sup.3] which accounted for 51.1 [+ or -] 12.9% of the PM4 mass.
All production facilities at the mill were stopped due to the fire, but now production has started at paper machine 4 (PM4), which produces about 10,000 tonnes per month.
Elements include a portion of the paired premaxillae containing alveoli for the second and third incisors; maxillae with most of the premolars (PM) intact (right PM4, PM3, PM2; left PM4, PM3, the last loose in matrix); the jugals, zygomatic processes, squamosals, and exoccipital are largely intact.
To measure the respirable dust concentrations, a size selective sampling cyclone was used in combi-nation with a particle size adapter and a small Poly Urethane Foam (PFU) filter that was designed for PM4 size fraction monitoring.
(1) One hundred grams of [Ca.sub.3]Si[O.sub.5] were ground in a 250 mL agate jar with five agate balls (30 mm diameter) for six min in a ball mill (Retsch PM4, Brinkman, NY) at 200 rpm.