PMA1plasma membrane ATPase gene
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The addition of glucose to starved cells leads to a rapid and very transient cytosolic acidification (30 seconds, [106, 107]), which is thought to be caused by the initiation of glycolysis, followed by its alkalinization through the [H.sup.+]-ATPase activities of Pma1 [108] and the v-ATPase 102] upon which growth recommences [106] and cAMP levels increase [14].
The decrease of [DELTA][epsilon] with increasing cross-linking density is very clear, but at the same time there is a change in the behavior: in the PMA01 and PMA1 networks [DELTA][epsilon] is always a decreasing function of temperature; nevertheless, in highly cross-linked networks at low temperatures [DELTA][epsilon] increases as temperature increases, goes through a maximum, and then decreases.
The average effective length between cross-links, as determined from the value of the elastic modulus in the rubber-like plateau region, is very short in PMA01 and PMA1 due to the presence of physical entanglements.
The compact PMA1 series from Pacific Scientific is only 55 square mm, with a standard frame length of 125-175 mm, or 150-200 mm with integral brake, making it well suited for maximum performance in minimal space applications.
The PMA1 series is compact--only 55 square mm, with a standard frame length of 125 mm to 175 mm, or 150 mm to 200 mm with integral brake.