PMAEPercent Mean Absolute Error (probability measurement technique)
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A Pat Kervick, Jessica Desany Ganong y Viva Fisher (PMAE) por la colaboracion durante la consulta del archivo Lothrop y por las gestiones para la publicacion de la figura 2.
The hedonic model presented is based on large, diverse counties in Southern California and can predict sale price with an average accuracy of over 85% or a PMAE of at most 14.89%.
[R.sup.2] 74.1% 84.4% 76.2% PMAE 18.89% 13.11% 14.06% Model with Variables in Quadratic Form Los Angeles County Orange County San Diego County Adj.
The PMAE of the 15 houses was 14.87%, which is larger than the unadjusted PMAE of the appraisal model (13.62%).