PMAMSPatterned Multi-Array, Multi-Specific Surface
PMAMSProduct Manager Assured Mobility Systems (US Army)
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However, all PMAMs showed higher values than that of HMA.
L'EVA de faible teneur en VA montre une perte de stabilite moindre dans le test de stabilite de Marshall et une meilleure resistance dans le test de susceptibilite a l'humidite, comparativement au melange beton asphalte melange a chaud (HMA) et d'autres melanges de beton asphalte modifie par des polymeres (PMAM).
However, many researchers (Panda and Mazumder, 2002; Chen et al., 2004; Airey et al., 2004; Hansen and Anderton, 1993; Parker and Brown, 1992; Perdomo et al., 1992; Zoorob and Suparma, 2000; Zhou et al., 1997; Amirkhanian and Williams, 1993; Iqbal et al., in press) investigated the properties of HMA and PMAM, and improvement in performance among asphalt concrete mixes was compared.
In this study, the effect of polymer type and structure on polymer modified asphalt concrete mix (PMAM) was investigated.
The details of the mix design for base asphalt mix are given in Table 2 and similar design was used for PMAM. The standard cylindrical shaped Marshall specimen of 100 mm x 62.5 mm was prepared for HMA and PMAM.
Marshall Stability test of HMA and PMAM was performed in a Marshall testing machine at a constant rate of 51 mm/min.
Permanent deformation measurements were performed on HMA and PMAM at 50[degrees]C.
For PMAM the measurement of stress-strain relationship is considered solid-state rheology.