PMASProgram Management and Support
PMASProject Management Accountability System (US VA)
PMASPhotochemical Assessment Monitoring Station (EPA)
PMASPolicy Maker Application Security
PMASPropulsion Module Attach Structure
PMASProgrammed Manpower Authorization System
PMASPerformance Monitoring & Analysis Subsystem
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For staff, PMAs will focus on learning and development alongside offering emotional and practical support to those who are involved in complex cases or other serious incidents.
It was not linked to the actual use of the services by passengers, but was instead connected to people merely entering the General Aviation Terminal, while the entrance into the terminal had already been subject to another fee," said PMaS spokesperson Adriana Olsavska as cited by the TASR newswire.
Some people may say PMAs are unromantic, but isn't it better than family lawyers telling one half of the happy couple "there is nothing I can do to protect your wealth - the only answer is don't get married!" With a long marriage nowadays being from about 12 years upwards, and seamless cohabitation periods included as part of the marriage, it is easier than ever for one party to seek to work from a starting point of equality of capital division - regardless of the source of the money.
This combination of PMA teams and staff office within the established organizational and operating framework of the TEAM presents significant advantages in terms of personnel efficiency and product relevance.
Although many of these studies have been completed, the data were submitted to the FDA under a premarket approval (PMA) application and are therefore confidential unless publicly released by the manufacturers.
Or you could solve the problem yourself with some diagnostic help from a portable machine analyzer, or PMA.
"We believe that PMAS is the most technologically advanced system available for property-management accounting," Brecher says.
The office thus informed the TASR newswire after it had concluded the investigation on January 10."The office has thoroughly studied all relevant documents and information acquired during the investigation," PMaS spokesperson Adriana Osavska told the newswire.
One application where PMAs have proved their worth is as a decision-support tool for picking new molding machines.