PMAXMaximum Power
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Observational Indexes: Cardiac function indexes including peak velocity of peak A (VA), dispersion of wave P (Pd), the maximum time limit of wave P (Pmax), the maximum volume of the left atrium (LAVmax) and ventricular rate were observed after treatment.
The PMAX design features a wider hull than a standard medium-range (MR) product tanker, allowing for 30% more cargo with the same draft (water depth).
In delineating this year's power capacity limits though, the ERC specified that it employed the maximum stable loads (or Pmax) of power facilities as these are the registered maximum capacity in the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) and had also been supported by demonstration and capability tests.
The institute of earth sciences of orleans wishes to equip itself with 3 autoclaves with internal heating (pmax = 2000 bars-tmax = 1 200 o c) allowing to carry out in-situ analyzes in raman spectroscopy, infra-red and / or x-rays.
" The power regulator said the new limits were based on the maximum stable load (Pmax) of gencos, instead of their technical description as stated in their certificates of compliances (COCs).
Parametros analisados RAST basal RAST 1-4-4-2 Pmax absoluta (W) 716,26 [+ o -] 128,17 633,28 [+ o -] 112,85 Pmax relativa (W/Kg) 11,50 [+ o -] 1,64 10,15 [+ o -] 1,27 Pmin absoluta (W) 471,15 [+ o -] 97,42 391,63 [+ o -] 59,04 Pmin relativa (W/Kg) 7,57 [+ o -] 1,41 6,32 [+ o -] 0,84 IF (%) 31,33 [+ o -] 8,54 * 41,11 [+ o -] 10,36 Parametros analisados RAST 1-4-3-3 Pmax absoluta (W) 594,12 [+ o -] 97,42 Pmax relativa (W/Kg) 9,56 [+ o -] 1,27 Pmin absoluta (W) 374,24 [+ o -] 60,70 Pmin relativa (W/Kg) 6,02 [+ o -] 0,80 IF (%) 36,86 [+ o -] 4,82 Legenda: Pmax (Potencia maxima); Pmin (Potencia minima); IF (Indice de fadiga); Rast (Running Anaerobic Sprint Test).
The search for leading factors for combustion variability is pursued using the most common metrics used in the experiments: the variability of the peak pressure (Pmax) is observed, and correlation analysis is used to identify relationships between phasing indicators and combustion CCV.
Pd and Pmax have been used to predict the risk of AF development in many studies (3-5, 25).
In addition to Kst, it is important to know other combustible dust properties such as Pmax (the maximum explosion pressure of a dust cloud, measured in bar) and Pred (the maximum pressure developed in a vented enclosure during a vented deflagration).
While no difference existed for [P.sub.min] and [P.sub.d] (Table 2), dogs with an increased left atrium had a significantly greater Pmax. However, when the role played by left atrium remodeling was assessed within CD and O + CD individually, a significantly higher [P.sub.d] was documented for dogs with dilated left atria only in category CD (Figure 2).
Se em algum momento a potencia do ultimo estagio nao foi completada, a potencia maxima foi definida de acordo com o metodo de Kuipers e colaboradores (2003) conforme descrito a seguir: PMAX = Pf + [(t / 180) x 30].
Twelve prepubertal boys, 12 untrained men, and 13 male endurance athletes completed an incremental test to determine the power output at maximum oxygen uptake (PVO2max) and a Wingate test to assess maximal anaerobic power (Pmax) and relative decrease in power output (the fatigue index [FI]).