PMBHPort Macquarie Base Hospital (Australia)
PMBHPreoptic Area-Medial Basal Hypothalamus
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* the owner, the Port Macquarie Base Hospital Pty Ltd (PMBH PL);
At the end of the 20-year period, the ownership of the hospital would remain in the hands of PMBH PL (NSW AGO 1996: 429).
In October 2003, the Mayne Group proposed selling its entire Australian Hospital business including the PMBH to another private consortium.
PMBH in fact cost taxpayers $6 million more in recurrent funding compared to the average of other public hospitals (NSW Hansard, 29 May 1996).
The availability charge was taxable in the hands of PMBH PL.
If the ideological belief of the strategic authorities that the private sector through a competitive bidding process could lead to a more cost-effective and better delivery of services was true, PMBH should have outperformed its peer public base hospitals.
It is clear that PMBH deal entered into by DoH merely shifted the burden away from the State Government's capital works budget and into recurrent spending over a number of periods.
The following analysis demonstrates that the PMBH delivered poor VFM to taxpayers and transferred a significant proportion of ownership risk to the DoH.
Based on the information provided, an assessment of PMBH can now be made based on these criteria.
On the other hand, the PMBH management could demand increases in its service charges.
The case study presented in the third section revealed the manifestations of these problems in the case of the PMBH. The conflicting objectives between the public and private sectors and the ill-defined strategic goals resulted in the predicted outcome, a situation where the operator sought to maximise its own profit without offering a satisfactory community health facility.
The evidence suggests that the PMBH experiment was not motivated by a wish to provide better patient care, improved access to hospital services or a desire to obtain value for money for taxpayers.