PMBSPortable Medical Benefits Scheme (Singapore)
PMBSPrasetiya Mulya Business School (Indonesia)
PMBSPacket Mode Bearer Service
PMBSPolice Main Base Station (UK)
PMBSPost-Movement Beta Synchronization
PMBSPintle Motion Base Simulator
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In 2018, the sum of ?92.45 billion was collected as premium from the DMBs, just as the sum of ?306.24 million was collected from the Non-Interest Banks (NIB) and ?1.065 billion from the MFBs and PMBs the deposits insurer stated.
All 82 medical aid schemes are legally obliged to pay costs related to the specified diagnosis, treatment and care of PMBs. [5] PMBs are classified into three groups: (i) any emergency medical condition; (ii) a limited set of 270 medical conditions; and (iii) 25 chronic conditions.
The normal reference range for fasting and PMBS and HbA1c % was considered to be <120 mg %, <140 mg %, and <6%, respectively.[7] The mean values for fasting and PMBS and HbA1c % were significantly higher in all the three groups of diabetics than the controls as shown in Table 1.
This is due to an increase in the number and complexity of private Members' bills (PMBs) that have received Royal Assent.
Originally, PBMs made money by subtracting administrative fees from the amounts they paid to the pharmacies after the PMBs were paid by insurers.
The goal of this paper is to study the natural frequency of PMBs with considering the size effect, piezoelectricity, and flexoelectricity.
The 820th could not provide enough resources and workers to construct the PMBs in time for the UFC to begin operations as planned.
Pretorius said it cost schemes R508 per person per month to provide cover for PMB benefits in 2013, a figure he estimates has risen to about R600 per month.
The complexity of the medical schemes legislation (particularly in terms of PMBs) further impedes informed decision-making by scheme members, who may harbour false assurance of insurance cover, which is often subject to complex limitations.
As the two GSEs defined substandard lending ever downward and marketed pools of such mortgage paper to Wall Street investors, financial firms came to adopt the same lax standards for their Private Mortgage Backed Securities (PMBS).
are described as "pharmacy benefit managers." These PMBs, like Medicaid and the Department of Veteran Affairs, negotiate prices with the drug companies to reduce the overall cost of health care.