PMCGProduction Management Consulting Group
PMCGPhoenix Media/Communications Group (Boston, MA)
PMCGPhilip Merry Consulting Group Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
PMCGPower Maurer Clan Germany (online gaming)
PMCGPrecision Medical Converting Group (LasX Industries, Inc.)
PMCGPocket Monsters Card Game
PMCGN-Ethyl-2-Pyrrolidyl-Methyl-Cyclopentylphenyl Glycollate
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A-PMCG-A [Alginate- Strengths: Better mechanical 14 poly(methylene-co- stability than [Ca.sup.+2]/A, guanidine)-Alginate] [Ba.sup.+2]/A, BAPA, PMCG cheaper than PLL, capsule size / permeability independently adjustable.
"We are stuck on the identification but we think the initials 'PMcG' on the ring could be Irish.
Police say they have few clues as to her identity apart from a gold signet ring engraved with the initials PMcG.
Yet, proving that power, for which one can struggle, exists, the press service of Jalal-Abad oblast state administration confirmed that Bektur Asanov performs his duties alive and active, despite the tragic events and rapid ups and downs.Meantime, USAID contracted Georgian company Policy and Management Consulting Group (PMCG) to provide consultations for the Interim Government.
A check For the Feed throat is being added to the PMCG in the MK19's TM 9-1010-230-10.
Crime scene detectives found a number of items with the skeleton: a dime or ten cent piece minted in 1968, a Bulova watch, a gold signet ring imprinted with initials "PMcG," a size-32A bra, panty-hose, seven buttons, part of a bag of rat poison, a clothing label and a plastic toy soldier.
A gold ring found on the woman's hand was engraved with the letters PMcG, leading police to believe she was Irish.