PMCIPeter MacCallum Cancer Institute (Australia)
PMCIPetroleum Marketers and Convenience Stores of Iowa
PMCIPromotion Management Center, Inc. (Stacy, MN)
PMCIPlatinum Mining Corporation of India (UK)
PMCIProgressive Mild Cognitive Impairment (neurology)
PMCIPeripheral Mucus Clearance Index
PMCIPlus Meridian Corneal Incision (eyes)
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29, 2000 showing Board Resolution 2000-001; and (b) the Deed of Absolute Sale between PMCI and the spouses.
29, 2000-a notarized document certifying that PMCI's Board of Directors passed Board Resolution 2000-001 in the meeting held on Feb.
And, since the said Secretary's Certificate specifically contained not only the supposed resolution passed by PMCI's Board of Directors, but also the signatures of all the board members who approved such resolution, then it can be concluded that Ley, Mari and Jim participated in the execution of the falsified Secretary's Certificate.
For this reason, PMCI's Corporate Secretary, in conspiracy with Ley, Mari and Jim, falsified a public document by certifying under oath that Quintin was present during this board meeting and making it
29, 2000, which proves the authority granted in favor of Jim, is indispensable for the validity of the sale of PMCI's property and for this sale to take effect as against third persons.
For more information, contact Veronica MacDonald, of PMCI Hawai'i, at 536-5688,
or PMCI, manufacturer of canned and frozen processed meat under the names Argentina, Swift and 555.