PMCRPower Management Capabilities Register (computing)
PMCRPower Manager Control Register
PMCRProbe Mode Control Register (Pentium)
PMCRPolyacid-Modified Composite Resin Cements (orthodontics)
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The displays on each PMCR will show a percentage of AFC load at any time.
"If a shield fails to advance, the blue light will indicate the fault and the miners simply check the Cat PMCR to read the information about the fault."
The Cat PMCR allows full shearer-initiated roof support advance, including gate-end turnarounds, wedge cuts, bank-push, and batch advances.
RMGIC and PMCR were placed into the cavities and polymerized with an LED curing unit (Ultradent, USA) according to the manufacturer's instructions (Table 2).
Temperature changes in permanent and primary teeth with PMCR were 3.04 [+ or -] 0.64[degrees]C and 3.26 [+ or -] 0.77[degrees]C, respectively (p > 0.05).
([euro]/kg.); [beta] el numero de dias parto/numero de dias en el ano; PMCR el peso medio coneja reproductora de desecho.
In Kalimantan in Indonesia, PMCR possesses two operating coal mines, which have a resource base licensed by the Australasian Joint Ores Resource Committee (JORC) of around 500 million tonnes.
Restorations with GIC, RMGIC and PMCR are not recommended in the stress bearing areas of FPMs and they can only used as intermediate approach until a definite restoration is placed [Mahoney 2001; William et al., 2006a; Willmott et al., 2008].
Mirroring a classic boom-bust-recovery cycle (such as those that occurred in the telecom, energy and dot-com industries), we witnessed a PMCR slide that began in 2006, accelerated throughout 2007, and may continue to drop even lower though 2008 (below 4.2 percent), possibly reaching 4 percent in 2009 and 2010.
For most mortgage industry professionals, the behavior of the national PMCR and the amount of national mortgage volume forecast for 2008 is not the most crucial piece of information.
The disparity in mortgage density levels within the same metro markets often surprises local managers, as do the wide variations in PMCR and MVI.
The Avondale and Higley zones have maintained some of the highest PMCR, PMD and MVI levels in the nation over past years and will continue to do the same in the future, while other zones (such as Scottsdale, Mesa and Glendale) have stabilized at modest levels similar to other U.S.