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En Brasil, para el caso de los medicamentos incluidos en el PMDE se encontraron tasas de demandas que oscilaron entre 13% y 31% del total de los litigios, mientras que para los medicamentos basicos contenidos en el SUS las tasas rondaron el 50% (cuadro 2).
Altos costos incluidos en 19,5% (PMDE) plan de salud Mujeres que 60,2% ...
Bruce McDonough, Norman Don, and Charles Warren present the results of a Monte Carlo analysis of data collected by James Crandall purporting to show a psi-missing displacement effect (PMDE); the authors hope that this analysis will address concerns expressed by several critics about the use of theoretical statistical distributions in evaluating the results of psi research.
James Crandall attempted to investigate the PMDE in an experiment in which ESP targets were present only on odd-numbered trials.
Jim's most important contribution to parapsychology was his extensive research on the psi-missing displacement effect (PMDE).
Richard Broughton analyzed old data for evidence of the psi-missing displacement effect (PMDE) reported by James Crandall.