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Cytogenetic studies performed on patients with PMDM showed band aberrations on 1p, 12q, 17, 8q, 19, and 20, (14) which are mostly chromosomal gains.
On ultrastructural examination, PMDM cells show characteristic mesothelial microvilli.
Indeed, PMDM can be confused with a subset of tumors including carcinomas, melanoma, anaplastic large cell lymphomas, rhabdomyosarcoma, and gastrointestinal stromal tumors.
Trophoblastic neoplasia and pseudotumoral deciduosis should also be considered in the differential diagnosis in women with peritoneal PMDM.
(16) Cells in pseudotumoral deciduosis show less atypia and pleomorphism than does PMDM with no mitotic figures.
Thus, that marker helps differentiate between PMDM and trophoblastic neoplasia.
Treatment of patients with PMDM is the same as treatment of other subtypes of diffuse mesothelioma and is based on cytoreductive surgery combined with chemotherapy.