PMDSPerformance Management and Development System (Ireland)
PMDSPersistent Mullerian Duct Syndrome
PMDSPrimary Montessori Day School (North Potomac, MD)
PMDSPower Management and Distribution System
PMDSProject Management Database System (software)
PMDSPlant Design Management System
PMDSPerformance Measurement Data System
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PMDS is an extremely rare form of internal male pseudo-hermaphroditism in which female internal sex organs, including the uterus, cervix and proximal vagina (terminating in the prostatic utricle), persist in a 46XY male with normal external genitalia.
This can stem from a mutation in the gene encoding AMH or the AMH type II receptor (AMH-RII), known as PMDS, or it can be a sign of testicular dysgenesis.
PMDs are estimated to account for 2 to 3% of patients in movement disorder clinics and the reported prevalence of PMDs in the general neurological population ranges between 1 and 9% (2,3).
Mutations of the MIS gene or the MISR-II gene have been identified in PMDS patients with autosomal recessive transmission6.
We were surprised about these findings and initially had no clues, until we searched the literature and found about PMDS. The HPE report was confirmative, showing the presence of normal rudimentary uterus, testis (not ovary, as we thought) showing germ cell atrophy (Sertoli cell only), normal epididymis and spermatic cord (vas deferens).
PMDs have been a neglected area of study "because it's so hard to have patients accept the psychological underpinnings of their problem [while] at the same time not stigmatizing them," said Dr.
In a spacecraft, the fuel tanks tend to be much more complicated than a simple sphere without any PMDs. Many modern tanks incorporate PMDs to ensure that thrusters receive a steady, gas-free flow of propellant.
"There was a strong sense from the PMD Section that a committee is not where they should go," Young said.
The solution causes the dendrimers to react with water and then assemble around the template into a new class of materials called periodic mesoporous dendrisilicas (PMD).
Sex And The City has made the Rampant Rabbit the first celebrity vibrator, but if Ann Summers sold a million PMDs last year, think about this: at least one very close friend has either bought or seen one in the last month.
PMDS is the "one-stop shop" for your fulfillment needs.