PMESIIPolitical, Military, Economic, Social, Infrastructure, and Information
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Crime-conducive conditions in the post-conflict phase may be temporarily mitigated by the continued presence of troops and curfews, but real improvement requires a more deliberate and holistic strategy encompassing all PMESII and ASCOPE factors.
PMESII refers comprehensively to the components of any system.
This guidance is sufficient for operational or tactical level, force-on-force application; however, in the dynamic GWOT environment, strategic assessment may require a more robust construct that spans across USJFCOM's PMESII construct.
They argued that the United States could use diplomatic, informational, military, and economic (DIME) tools to carry out these actions; hence, the often-heard grating and acronym-laded statement that we would "employ our DIME against an enemy's PMESII to achieve desired effects.
Each datum includes information about its significance, both in the context of its PMESII system type and in the system of systems.
To teach PMESII, ASCOPE, and Critical Thinking, the Vanguard Fusion Cell decided to develop country studies over several months, compartmentalized into the PMESII factors.
Once again, a key part of the value added by an effects-based approach lies in broadening application of validated intelligence and planning methods to consider PMESII dimensions (and effects) beyond the military.
The most common tools employed by units training at JMRC are intelligence preparation of the battlefield (IPB), PMESII, ASCOPE, and SWEAT-MS0 (sewage, water, electricity, academics, trash, medical, safety, other) matrices.
Like Warden, EBO proponents, with their PMESII construct, believe that there are multiple centers of gravity in any system.
When writing or assembling patrol debriefs, PMESII (political, military, economic, social, infrastructure, information) reports or target packets, use your interpreter's knowledge.
In fact, according to FM 3-24, ASCOPE (areas, structures, organizations, people, and events) and PMESII (political, military, economic, social, infrastructure, and information) doctrinally occur during IPB step 2.