PMF1Polyamine-Modulated Factor 1
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Caption: Figure 1: PMFs showing device dependent [t.sub.V](i) set to achieve desired network ZCi TVR (true positive) given by blue PMF1 area in (a) and resultant RRR (true negative) for ZRj device given by blue PMF2 area in (b) [11].
NIA EST ID Gene symbol (a) H3014B09 Anxa11 H3056G04 Brd4 H3055H05 Carhsp1 H3007F10 Ckb H3024F03 Cox7a2l H3027A06 Eif4g2 H3011D03 Fasn H3054D02 H3f3b H3013D08 H3f36 H3003F10 Idb1 H3009D05 Lgals1 H3003A03 Lgals1 H3022G07 Lgals1 H3040C04 Ltb4dh H3020C02 Mt1 H3013D11 Mt2 H3010E09 Mt2 * H3012D03 Pmf1 H3031E04 Rpo1-4 H3017H12 Tagln2 H3059F01 Uchl1 H3010C05 1110007A10Rik H3031A04 2410016F19Rik H3009E04 2410043F08Rik H3003F11 9130023P14Rik H3004B11 A930014C21Rik H3022F11 ?