PMFIPardon Me for Interrupting
PMFIPhilippine Maize Federation, Inc.
PMFIProblem Magically Fixed Itself
PMFIPerpetual Midwest Financial, Inc. (Iowa)
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Tungpalan said the PMFI uses project monitoring techniques, such as S-curves, which plot the release of monetary resources with time, as well as the Project Evaluation Review Technique/Critical Path Method (PERT-CPM) that helps predict which projects will encounter delays.
He added the PERT-CPM can help the PMFI determine certain activities that can be done in parallel with the completion of a certain milestone in project implementation.
The flagship projects, which are the focus of the PMFI, is itself one of the infrastructure-related initiatives this year.
Last November, Andhra Pradesh, one of India's most populous states, cracked down heavily on private microfinance institutions (PMFIs), banning many of their activities and telling borrowers they did not need to repay their loans.
Andhra Pradesh officials charged that PMFIs, which had lent around 80 billion rupees (nearly $2 billion) in the state, levy "usurious" interest rates (24-30 percent per year) to sustain their promoters' extravagant salaries and profits.
One institution that received unwelcome attention was SKS Microfinance, once a poster child for the PMFIs, which had done so well and grown so large that its initial public offering last year was oversubscribed 13-fold and raised $350 million.
'We have a lot cooking right now, so hopefully this will move forward with the PMFI and be successfully implemented.'