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PMGAProfessional Miniature Golf Association, LLC
PMGAParallel Micro-Genetic Algorithm
PMGAPlasma Membrane-Associated Growth Stimulatory Activity (molecular biology)
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Biochemical and antigenic characterisation of Mycoplasma gallisepticum membrane proteins P52 and P67 (pMGA).
In [30], the master-slave parallel micro-genetic algorithm (PMGA) was used to optimize a frequency selective surface (FSS).
The CST Microwave Studio is used here to simulate the power divider, and the coarse-grained PMGA based on binary coding is applied to optimize the structure of the tapered microstrip line.
In Section 3 an example of antenna array pattern synthesis is provided to demonstrate the advantages of the coarse-grained PMGA. In Section 4, the combined method between the CST MWS and the coarse-grained PMGA is used to optimize the power divider, in addition, the numerical and experimental results are presented to validate the proposed power divider.
The coarse-grained PMGA is implemented using C++ on a message passing interface (MPI) environment.
The procedure of the coarse-grained PMGA at each processor is as follows: