PMLSPosteromedial Lateral Suprasylvian Area (motion analysis brain region)
PMLSPower Management and Load Shedding (system)
PMLSPrivate Multiple Listings Service (Canada)
PMLSPetit Mal-Like Seizures (brain research)
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Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy and histologic examination of the gastric sample is done for diagnosing the presence and extension of histologic PMLs in the stomach.[8],[11],[12] Although an optimal treatment of H.
He said that the PMLS 2019 attracted potential buyers and investors from China, India, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, Cyprus, USA, UAE, Spain and Tunisia.
The PMLS 2019 promises to be the biggest exhibition of leather-based products in the country's history.
--An increase in Validus' 1-100 and 1-250-year peak per event catastrophe (PMLs) to 25% and 35% of common equity, respectively;
There are limited studies that have evaluated motor learning in PD within the context of PMLs [7, 9].
PMLS 2018 is the second largest footwear and Leather exhibition of Southeast Asia.
The perfectly matched layer (PML) ABC is presented by Berenger in 1994 [1].
4; in this system, the PMLs were imposed in the x, y, and z directions.
(14.) Moura PMLS. Estudo da forca de preensao palmar em diferentes faixas etarias do desenvolvimento humano.
En su Tesis (Espana, 1996), predominan los PMs y PMLs, en ligero contrapicado desde la altura de la rodilla.
Recently the association is more established as HPV-16 and 18 was the most detectable virus in salivary samples, serum and biopsy cell blocks of the patients with PMLs and OSCC.10