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PMMAPolymethylmethacrylate (Acrylic)
PMMAPoverty Monitoring, Measurement and Analysis
PMMAPhilippine Merchant Marine Academy
PMMAPresbyterian Manors of Mid-America
PMMAProject Management Maturity Assessment (Stanford Advanced Project Management)
PMMAPrecious Metals Marking Act (criminal statute; Canada)
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We constructed the composite in vitro using the injectable injectable CPC (ICPC), fibrin sealant (FS) and bone morphogenic protein (BMP) and injected this composite into thigh muscle pouches of mice and vertebral bodies of New Zealand white rabbits to observe short- and long-term imaging and histological changes; additionally, the composite with PMMA in biomechanical performance was also compared to investigate the feasibility of the composite in vertebroplasty.
PMMA elevates the resistance of the PLA component to hydrolysis from ultraviolet radiation, and chemical resistance is much improved as compared to traditional acrylics.
PMMA is mainly used in LCD (liquid crystal display) TVs, light emitting diodes (LEDs), and ion-screening technologies.
Masanao Kambara, MRC president, said: "This partnership with SABIC will help us to meet long-term supply commitments to our MMA and PMMA customers.
The breakthrough here is the ability to put a conformal coat of PMMA on a nanowire over long distances.
PMMA is composed by microspheres in a non-protein vehicle, which produces permanent results.
Tambien se han reportado sensores de vapores organicos producidos con laminas de PMMA con MWNTs funcionalizados.
Improvement also was found in the scores for the Rhythm subtest of PMMA, although they were still below the scores for the normative population.
Keywords: Powder injection molding, AW glass ceramics, PMMA
These studies indicate that CORTOSS synthetic bone void filler is a much stronger, safer and more effective material for use in vertebral augmentation, and overcomes many of the shortcomings of PMMA bone cement," said Marek Szpalski, M.
respectively) indicated the presence of strong absorption peaks at 1,725 cm-l which was due to the "C=O" group in the PMMA chains.