PMMBPennsylvania Milk Marketing Board
PMMBProgram in Mathematics and Molecular Biology (various locations)
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The goals related to the expansion of medical residency programs and seats were assigned to CGRS, while the actions referring to the expansion of seats and undergraduate courses in Medicine, as well as the actions regarding PMMB's educational cycle, like the Embracement and Assessment Modules and the provision of academic supervision to the doctors, were assigned to CGEGES.
Despite these government initiatives, it was only after PMMB that the percentage of women in Marajo who had seven or more prenatal consultations was greater than 30% and that the percentage of those who had no consultations decreased to 12.8%.
In order to do so, PMMB provided for the creation of 11,447 new seats in medical courses until 2017, among which 6,887 should be offered until late 2014 (4).
Some results were: (1) improvement of the PHC structure: construction of 1577 UBSs, two River UBSs in the Amazon region, refurbishment of 9011 UBSs; (2) medical training: 47 new medicine programs (24 in federal institutions), increasing the number of places by 65% (37)--we cannot yet comment on the change in the profile of physicians since none have yet graduated from the new curriculum; (3) the PMMB program reached 3785 municipalities in less than two years, recruiting 14462 physicians (1846 Brazilians and 12616 foreign physicians) from 49 countries (37).
The Ministry of Education (MEC), for example, is co-responsible for the management of PMMB. MEC provides the initial qualifications and is responsible for the process of continuous academic supervision, that is, it is in charge of the majority of the elements that form the emergency supply axis.
For this, one of its main thrusts has been emergency provision of Brazilian and/or non-Brazilian doctors at these locations, named the Mais Medicos para o Brasil ('more doctors for Brazil') Program, or PMMB (21).
In response to those demands and to relieve those regions in greatest need and produce impact on health indicators in the short term, the government introduced the Mais Medicos for Brazil Project (Projeto Mais Medicos para o Brasil, PMMB), to provide Brazilian and foreign doctors to work in such areas (30).