PMMCPacific Marine Mammal Center (Laguna Beach, CA)
PMMCPrecious Minerals Marketing Company (Ghana)
PMMCProfesinio Mokymo Metodikos Centras (Lithuanian: Methodological Center for Vocational Training)
PMMCProvidence Medford Medical Center (est. 1911; Medford, OR)
PMMCProvena Mercy Medical Center (Aurora, IL)
PMMCPermanent Magnet Moving Coil
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The PMMC coefficient is significant at the 10% level.
The MetroHealth System, a Cleveland, Ohio-based organization with more than 1 million annual scheduled visits, partnered with PMMC to offer online, self-service estimates.
Damptey said on Friday that the PMMC had shelved earlier plans to list on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE).
Rhodia PMMC RITA Corporation Sartomer Company Stochem Inc.
In tests, the catalytic converter within the PMMC heated about 40% more quickly than its commercial counterpart.
PMMC has developed a CJR solution that analyzes complex CMS data by census region to calculate CJR payment targets and allow healthcare providers to adjust the management of the bundled episode cases.
We chose PMMC because their core contract management system was the best fit for our needs.
Table 4: Staging and treatment protocols T1, T2 N0 MO--Stage I & II Wide local excision with selective neck dissection T3, T4 NO, N+ MO- Stage III & Composite resection with MRND Iva with appropriate reconstruction and Adj CTRT Stage IVb (pterygoid Composite resection with ND plate/fossa involvement, low with PMMC flap reconstruction masticatory space involvement) and Adj CTRT High masticatory space NACT- 2 cycles and then involvement, low ITF assesses response: if disease involvement, N2-N3 nodal is shrinking then plan 3rd disease with no distant cycle and proceed with metastasis definitive surgery with Adj CTRT.
If all goes well, PMMC expects revenue this year to grow by 20% to 25%.
The 2,500 square foot Center, which was designed, built and financed by CFWH, contains three wound treatment rooms and two hyperbaric oxygen chambers, which will be utilized by CFWH staff and PMMC physicians to heal chronic wounds, such as those caused by diabetes, the effects of radiation, complications from surgery, lymphedema, vascular disease and trauma.
The Modern Healthcare ranking speaks to our commitment to improving our client's financial performance," said Roger Shaul, President at PMMC.
Donald Wu, chairman of PMMC, claims the company is expected to achieve a new revenue record this year.