PMMDPurchasing and Materials Management Division (Toronto, Canada)
PMMDProgramming for Multimedia Devices (course; UK)
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* Average for the period from 12:00 to 17:59 p.m; COex: exhaled carbon monoxide; COHb: carboxyhemoglobin; Sat[O.sub.2]: Peripheral oxygen saturation; FC: Heart rate; PEF: Peak expiratory flow; COmd: average environmental carbon monoxide/day; PMmd: particulate matter 2.5[micro] average/day; Tmd: average temperature/day; Tmp: average temperature/period; URAmp: average relative humidity/period; URAmd: average relative humidity/day; Velmd: average wind speed/day; Velmp: average wind speed/period; Pamp: average atmospheric pressure/period; Pamd: average atmospheric pressure/day; FQmd: daily average of number of fires per municipality; FQtot: total fires in the day.
Four additional clones were detected during the outbreak (AbH12O-D, AbH12O-CU1, AbH12O-CU2, and AbH12O -CU3), which harbored plasmids pMMD, pMMCU1, pMMCU2, and pMMCU3, respectively (GenBank accession nos.