PMMHPhysique et Mécanique des Milieux Hétérogènes (French: Physics and Mechanics of Heterogeneous Environments)
PMMHPendleton Memorial Methodist Hospital (New Orleans, LA)
PMMHPrince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital (South Africa)
PMMHPolish Mother's Memorial Hospital
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Booking of theatre cases at PMMH is usually done after consultation between the juniors and seniors, but this did not always happen.
The anaesthetists and surgeons at PMMH have indicated an interest in running a joint preoperative assessment clinic but the final impetus remains in the hands of provincial managers.
After Anne qualified at the RVI she went on to train as a midwife at Princess Mary Maternity Hospital and Newcastle General Hospital from 1966/67, returning to practice midwifery at PMMH for about a year before travelling abroad.