PMMLPredictive Modeling Markup Language
PMMLPervasive Multimedia Markup Language (computer programming)
PMMLPredictive Mining Markup Language (Oracle)
PMMLPrimary Mucosal Malignant Melanoma of the Larynx (laryngology)
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PMML has a growing collection of more than 400 sheet music scores, rapidly expanded thanks to generous donations of original materials.
The patterns can be stored in any format deemed suitable, but there are quite a number of advantages of producing results in a format which can be easily shared between applications, such as the PMML.
PureData System for Analytics arrives in two forms: PureData System for Analytics and Operational Anaylitics, with the previous including extra 200 in-database analytics roles, built-in PMML 4 (Predictive Model Markup Language) support, in-database geospatial analytics, data filtering with programmable hardware, asymmetric and parallel processing architecture supporting petabyte scale, single integrated management comfort.
Thanks to its support of PMML, Predixion is not only able to consume predictive models built in the major commercial data mining tools such as SAS and SPSS, but also provides an avenue to make open source R models available to the Excel user base.
Predixion Software today introduced Predixion PMML Connexion[TM], an interface that provides Predixion Insight[TM], the company's low-cost, self-service in the cloud predictive analytics solution, direct and seamless access to SAS, SPSS (IBM) and other predictive models for use by Predixion Insight customers.
PMML, developed by the Data Mining Group, provides a standard way for an application to define statistical and data mining models so that they can be easily shared with any other application that supports PMML.
SAS has long supported open architectures such as Linux, languages such as Java, and industry standards such as PMML.
Strato-Studio empowers business professionals to stage Monte Carlo simulations using a powerful yet simple Excel-based template without having to understand PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language), which ensures errors are discovered prior to running simulations.
SPSS, a founding and active member of the DMG, will incorporate PMML Version 4.
PMML is an open standard language that allows customers to share analytic models among applications, enabling them to easily port desktop and server-based analytic models to run within the Teradata warehouse.
PMML is the most widely deployed data-mining standard for describing statistical transformations and predictive models.
PMML is an open standard which allows businesses to share analytic models among applications that enable them to easily port desktop analytic models to leverage the power of a large parallel database with minimal effort.