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PMNPolymorphonuclear Leukocyte
PMNPolymorphonuclear Neutrophils
PMNPodsafe Music Network
PMNPlant Management Network
PMNPartido da Mobilização Nacional (Party of National Mobilisation - Brazil)
PMNPremanufacture Notice
PMNPremanufacture Notification (TSCA)
PMNPakistan Microfinance Network
PMNPeripheral Mononuclear (cells)
PMNLead Magnesium Niobate
PMNPerformance Monitor(ing)
PMNPre-Market Notification (US FDA)
PMNPromina Group Limited (stock symbol)
PMNPacific Mountain Network (Public Television)
PMNPain Medicine News (online newspaper)
PMNPastoral Ministry
PMNPiecemeal Microautophagy of the Nucleus
PMNpolymetallic nodules
PMNPerformance Management Network, Inc
PMNParamount PLC
PMNPeoples Music Network
PMNPlanting Material Network (Australia)
PMNPeople Into Management Network
PMNParent McLaughlin and Nangle (CPA firm)
PMNPetit Manan National Wildlife Refuge (Maine)
PMNPortable Multimedia Navigation
PMNPredictive Mean Neighborhoods (proprietary statistical imputation software)
PMNparallel track multiunit non-return (US DoD)
PMNParrot Media Network
PMNPilot Mentor Network
PMNPalios, Meegan & Nicholson (Australia)
PMNPhenacyl Methylphosphonate
PMNPharma Marketing Network
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The DSCC results showed that when PMN cells was higher than 50%, total cells were much higher than 200 x [10.
The best method of retrieval was to aspirate some of the layers above and below the PMNs to obtain as many PMNs as possible.
Traditional biochemical analysis of PMN was determined in triplicate on fresh soil (0-0.
Isolate selection and preparation: Two prevalent clinical isolates (S7 and S10) were chosen for the PMN infection.
Our results were similar, but this appears to be the first time that the differential rate of change between the lymphocyte and PMN cells has been demonstrated which, together with the rapid change in the glucose, is of practical importance.
It is important to note, however, that manufacture of a new chemical for the sole purpose of conducting R&D activities, prior to the completion of the 90-day PMN review period, does not qualify for filing the NOC, even though the left over new chemical substance following the R&D activities can be used for commercial purposes following the 90-day PMN review period.
5 35 PMN seed Napiergrass cut-back Crop harvested on year Tift 23[A.
Terumo BCT received approval from the FDA for a controlled evaluation of the Spectra Optia system's PMN cell, or granulocyte, collection protocol at up to four U.
Syed Mohsin Ahmed, CEO PMN, gave an overview of the microfinance landscape in the country highlighting key developments of the sector and outlined the current and future challenges facing the industry.
Combinations of corticosteroid with alkylating agents or calcineurin inhibitor (CNI) have been proved to be effective to induce remission of PMN with persistent heavy proteinuria.
Avec 791 MD d'investissements approuves, le PMN enregistre son plus haut niveau d'approbation depuis sa creation (chiffres des 10 derniers mois).