PMNCHPartnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (South Africa)
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Deadline: 24-Apr-2015 17:00 The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (PMNCH) seeks the services of a Consultant (Senior Adviser to PMNCH Management) to advise it on developing a Strategic Plan for its activities after 2015.
The first step was a global landscape analysis of what countries and the 440 PMNCH partners were doing to reduce maternal and newborn deaths.
Specific Objectives are to Expand PMNCH s media outreach capacity to include media networks: Work with PMNCH to identify prominent media networks and explore opportunities to engage these networks.
Associated with this lack of precision, acronyms have taken over the literature: ANC, PPN, PPC, SBAs, ANMs, ASHAs, EmOC, BEmOC, CemOC, BEmONC, MCH, MNCH, PMNCH, RMNCH, P4P, PBF, and so on.
Tenders are invited To procure consultants to provide a range of project management, stakeholder engagement, research, and report drafting services to produce the PMNCH 2014 Report Update on Commitments to the Global Strategy for Women s and Children s Health (PMNCH 2014 Report).
Develop a detailed PMNCH 2014 Report concept note that sets out the scope and
Liaise closely with the seven constituencies making up the PMNCH on ways in which these
Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad quoted that a new Global Investment Framework for Women s and Children s Health,developed by the WHO and PMNCH shows that investing in women s and children s health, in addition to saving lives, can generate up to a nine-fold return in social and economic benefits.
Request for Proposal for Provision of Administrative and technical support for the PMNCH Workplan.
PMNCH Secretariat in delivering certain aspects of the Partnership s workplan.
1 Support to the PMNCH Independent Evaluation Sub-Committee
pour le projet PMNCH, conduite par Institut Superieur des Sciences de la Population/ Institut National de la Statistique