PMNCHPartnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (South Africa)
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March of Dimes, PMNCH (Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health), Save the Children, WHO (World Health Organization).
Reproductive health remains a cornerstone of the RMNCH "continuum of care" concept that fostered the creation of PMNCH in 2005 as a union of three separate partnerships on maternal health, newborn health, and child health.
The country action plans for all the participating countries are available on the PMNCH website.
The first step was a global landscape analysis of what countries and the 440 PMNCH partners were doing to reduce maternal and newborn deaths.
This phrase was used by Francisco Songane of PMNCH, and it resonated through the three days' meetings.
Request for proposal: PMNCH Strategic Plan Development: Senior Advisory Services
The new online world map was unveiled at the PMNCH Partner's Forum in Delhi, India (Nov 2010).
The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (PMNCH) seeks to appoint a professional communications firm with global/regional events experience to support PMNCH s aim to build relationships with media networks and health workers in low and middle income countries.
Yet these are nearly invisible in PMNCH these days, and safe abortion--an integral part of women's right to decide the number and spacing of their children--may be made invisible in the new family planning initiative due to be announced n July this year as well.
PMNCH will work towards this goal by supporting the alignment of partners strategic
In the context of the emerging post-2015 development agenda, the PMNCH Board has agreed to the development of a new post-2015 Strategic Framework for the Partnership.
The PMNCH committed itself to supporting and facilitating the roles of health care professionals at country and regional level, and called for the establishment and maintenance of effective and ongoing relationships between government and development partners and health care professional organisations, seeing this as essential to addressing the continuing tragedy of preventable maternal, newborn and child death and ill health.