PMNSPerformance Metrics Name Space
PMNSPontecorvo-Maki-Nakagawa-Sakata (matrix; particle physics)
PMNSPost-Malaria Neurological Syndrome
PMNSPolynomial Modular Number System
PMNSProfessional Multimedia Network Systems
PMNSPoor Man's Navier-Stokes (equation)
PMNSPartitioned Monitoring Node Set
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Intergroup comparison of parameters of psychological stress scores, serum estrogen levels between three groups (PMS, PMNS, and PM women) was done by one way ANOVA with post hoc test.
The PM women were of higher age group when compared to PMNS and PMS women with P = 0.
Geometrical Derivation of the Lepton PMNS Matrix Values.
CKM and PMNS mixing matrices from discrete subgroups of SU(2).
In an another study from Papua, Indonesia on six adults (16-25 yr), one patient had tremors and myoclonus as a PMNS and there was no death (16).
Contudo, a suplementacao com oleo de peixe, fonte rica de acidos graxos n-3, modificou a concentracao de colesterol total serico e o conteudo de vesiculas cationicas em PMNS.
In a recent article [1] I derived the lepton PMNS mixing matrix by using the quaternion (i.
I use these binary group quaternion generators to calculate the matrix elements for the PMNS mixing matrix for the leptons.
Patients with PMNS exhibit impaired consciousness and multiple signs of cerebral involvement like impaired consciousness, confusion, generalized seizure, myoclonus, aphasia, tremor, and psychosis.
One can define a 3 x 3 unitary matrix [9] and substitute angle difference values for the lepton mixing matrix PMNS and a 3 x 3 quark mixing matrix CKM3, producing