PMOAPrimary Mode of Action (US FDA)
PMOAparticulate methane monooxygenase
PMOAProgrammatic Memorandum of Agreement
PMOAPhiladelphia Museum of Art
PMOAPara-Medical Ophthalmic Assistant
PMOAParameter Matrix Objective Analysis (algorithm)
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According to the statement, "communications devices are prohibited within the PMOA and no player is allowed to be in possession of or use a communications device which is connected to the internet whilst there."
Entry Catalyst Solvent Time Yield (h) (%) (b) (1) MCM-41 THF 3 31 (2) PMoA THF 3 39 (3) PWA THF 3 46 (4) 40 wt% PWA/MCM-41 THF 3 53 (5) 50 wt% PWA/MCM-41 THF 3 60 (6) 60 wt% PWA/MCM-41 THF 3 86 (7) 70 wt% PWA/MCM-41 THF 3 70 (8) 80 wt% PWA/MCM-41 THF 3 68 (9) 60 wt% PWA/MCM-41 EtOH 3 73 (10) 60 wt% PWA/MCM-41 Et2O 3 54 (11) 60 wt% PWA/MCM-41 AcOEt 3 35 (12) 60 wt% PWA/MCM-41 acetone 3 47 (13) 60 wt% PWA/MCM-41 toluene 3 47 (14) 60 wt% PWA/MCM-41 ch3cn 3 34 (15) 60 wt% PWA/MCM-41 CH2Cl2 3 24 (16)c 60 wt% PWA/MCM-41 THF 3 83 (17)d 60 wt% PWA/MCM-41 THF 3 43 (18)e 60 wt% PWA/MCM-41 THF 3 99 (19)e 60 wt% PWA/MCM-41 THF 2.5 99 (a) Reaction conditions (unless noted otherwise): 0.20 mmol of indole, 0.10 mmol of isatin, 0.0050 g of catalyst in 0.2 mL of solvent at room temperature for 3 h.
The FDA recognizes device, drug or biologic as the three possible PMOAs for a combination product, and the regulatory agency that it will be submitted to is based solely on the PMOA determination:
Detection of methanotroph diversity on roots of submerged rice plants by molecular retrieval of pmoA, mmoX, mxaF, and 16S rRNA and ribosomal DNA, including pmoA-based terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism profiling.
To obtain the population sizes ofamoA and pmoA genes, Real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) was carried out using an optical designed CFX96 Real-Time PCR Detection System (Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc., Hercules, CA, U.S.A.).
This measurement being subjective in order to eliminate bias 2 PMOA s measured the vision in the post surgical period and tested for inter observer agreement by kappa statistics which showed good agreement.
For example, Penggerak Masyarakat Orang Asli (PMOA) which might be considered as muballigh (Preacher) to teach Orang Asli Asas-Asas Islam (Basic teachings of Islam), Al-Qur'an (Qur'anic classes teaching the art of reciting the Qur'an), and also adab-adab sebagai Orang Islam (Muslim code of Ethics).
The assessment of a combination product is assigned to one of three centers (for drugs, devices, or biologics) within the FDA according to its "primary mode of action" (PMOA).
There is a concern that the principal mode of action (PMOA) criterion that EU regulators have adopted to underpin the EU assessment process for TEPs may become inappropriate at that time.
"There is therefore no suggestion that he has violated any norms or protocols of the Anti Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU) Minimum Standards for Players and Match Officials Area (PMOA)," the ICC said in a statement.
(1) AB: 1934 (Preble, 1941), 1945 (Houston and McGowan, 1999), 1950 and 1960 (Boxall and Stepney, 1982), 1981 (PMOA, 2000); AK: 1967 (R.