PMOIPeople's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (political group)
PMOIPeople's Mujahedin of Iran
PMOIPre-Marketing Operating Income
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I told them the PMOI should not be simply brushed off for two reasons: 1.
The PMOI, also known as the MEK, has been accused of past human rights abuses but it states it is working for a "secular, democratic, and non-nuclear republic, and is committed to free elections, gender equality, and abolition of all discrimination against national and religious minorities".
Last week, an Iraqi official told AFP that Baghdad plans to move the PMOI to another location, then for the United Nations to repatriate those with dual citizenship to their second countries and the rest to Iran or elsewhere.
And we are working full power in this direction," PMOI spokesman Shahriar Kia said by email.
He said the European Union, which removed the PMOI from its terrorism list in 2009, wanted a high-level diplomatic approach.
Iraq, Iran and the United States consider the PMOI, also known as the Mujahideen Khalq Organisation (MKO), terrorists though the European Union removed the group from its terrorism blacklist in 2009.
Rajavi thanked the US lawmakers and called on Washington to rectify a policy that has thus far obstructed political change in Iran, referring to the State Department's decision to maintain the PMOI on its blacklist.
And that is the subtext to the allegations to this group the PMOI.
Zahid Bashiri-Rad, an official at Tehran's provincial court, said: "The execution sentences were handed down because of involvement in post-election developments and affiliation with the Iran monarchical association and the PMOI.
The Iraqi government has vowed to close Camp Ashraf, home to Iranian dissidents for two decades, and return PMOI members to Iran or a third country.
The hundreds of thousands who rallied earlier this week against Ahmadinejad are inspired by the PMOI, which also has the backing of the majority of British MPs and more than half the active members of the House of Lords.
On June 17, the Iraqi government issued a directive demanding to take control of Ashraf emphasizing that the PMOI will be expelled from Iraq and that some of its members will be prosecuted.