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PMOLEDPassive Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode
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The Lenovo S800 early adopter design win will stimulate the PMOLED mobile market and represents our next milestone on route to mass production,' concluded Bagherli.
SmartXtend enables PMOLED panels to be used as the high-resolution main display in mobile phones, mp3 players and other portable devices.
According to market research fellows at DisplaySearch, AMOLED will likely outnumber PMOLED in shipments in 2010 on grounds that active products have become a major feature in high-end electronic gadgets.
Battery powered applications with PMOLED, or e-ink displays, need a high efficiency step-up converter which is able to deliver an output voltage of approximately 15V at a relatively moderate current," said Bruce Ulrich, Marketing Director Standard Linear at austriamicrosystems.
As we forecasted, AMOLED revenue surpassed PMOLED revenue in Q1'09, and AMOLED is likely to pass PMOLEDs in terms of unit shipments in 2010.
After a strong Q2, PMOLED shipments were affected by reductions in mobile phone sub-display orders, so shipments fell 22% Q/Q.