PMOPPreferred Method of Payment (gambling)
PMOPPhase Modulation On Pulse
PMOPPhased Monthly Obligation Plan
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But the abductors did not realize that the victim's brother-in-law managed to follow them and was reporting to police authorities the route the criminals were taking, which allowed officers to intercept the runaway vehicle, rescue Portillo, and arrest the four PMOP members.
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Lick continued, "Although the effect of the inadequate pricing of the PMOP product continues to be the primary cause of our loss, a portion of our loss can also be attributed to the run-off of claims for accounts that terminated during the first quarter.
For example, the new business written during the past year has been profitable, largely due to the corrected PMOP rating structure.
In statements picked up the following day by the local daily newspaper El Heraldo, Deputy Jose Simon Azcona, of the traditional and former-ruling Partido Liberal (PL), said that the idea to create a security force such as PMOP is not new and that the US had expressed interest in it.
Oscar Osorio, chief of the Estado Mayor Conjunto of the FAH, told journalists, two days after the PMOP law was passed, that the first 1,000 members would be divided equally into two battalion-level units and would begin operations in Tegucigalpa, the nation's capital, and the northern city of San Pedro Sula, some 250 km northwest of the capital.
The PMOP members will be trained in basic police work as well as in ballistics, intelligence, and investigation.
Osorio said, "Troops will be added every two or three months," to reach the original figure of 5,000 PMOP members.
Promoters of the PMOP and the TIGRES bills say that the initiatives do not collide but are instruments with the same aim: to reduce crime and violence in this country where various local and international estimates indicate the homicide rate has reached 86 and even more than 90 per 100,000 population.