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PMOSPrimary Military Occupational Specialty
PMOSPositive-Channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor
PMOSPositive Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
PMOSPrime Minister's Official Spokesperson
PMOSPositive Metal Oxide Silicon
PMOSProperty Management Office Services
pMOSPseudo-Mean Opinion Score
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The pole frequency of the NMOS and PMOS shifters are measured as 9.
At the same time, because of the increase in mobility, PMOS on-current rises by10%.
The VCO core circuit uses only PMOS to achieve better phase noise performance.
By developing new technology for both NMOS and PMOS devices, and by minimizing the need for new materials or an increase in additional manufacturing processes, Fujitsu Laboratories succeeded in lowering power consumption without degrading operating speed, on par with other 32nm metal gate technologies reported thus far.
Around the 2001 election it was decided the PMOS should be an anonymous civil servant rather than a flamboyant, public figure.
The combination of NMOS and PMOS networks are called CMOS circuit.
By optimizing shallow trench isolation (STI) stress, sidewall stress, and silicon nitride (SiN) stress on the gate, it was possible to improve the performance of both NMOS and PMOS.
The MAX1536 features an internal PMOS power switch and synchronous rectification for high efficiency and reduced component count.
Mp - PMOS transistor, PMOS - P-channel metal oxide semiconductor
NanoWatt Technology refers to advanced PMOS Electrically Erasable Cell (PEEC) process technology, circuit design and manufacturing techniques used in designing these devices.