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PMOSPrimary Military Occupational Specialty
PMOSPositive-Channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor
PMOSPositive Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
PMOSPrime Minister's Official Spokesperson
PMOSPositive Metal Oxide Silicon
PMOSProperty Management Office Services
pMOSPseudo-Mean Opinion Score
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The PMOS and NMOS ratio is set according to Equation 2 with the effective length, Leff = 0.
However, it was found that PMOS contact resistance increases with the implantation of aluminum, causing a drop in PMOS on-current.
By employing high-temperature heat treatment and optimized structures, the technology makes it possible to fully silicide[5] just the PMOS gate electrode, by using nickel which has been widely used in the past as a silicide material.
Combined with the innovations described in (1), which improve mobility by suppressing impurity scattering, these techniques allowed drive currents to be increased by 22% for NMOS and 31% for PMOS, compared to 65nm nodes from NEC Electronics.
The FOD3184 consists of an aluminum gallium arsenide (AIGaAs) light emitting diode optically coupled to a CMOS detector with PMOS and NMOS output power transistors integrated into the circuit power stage.
To address Samsung's concern that MOSAID might characterize PMOS DRAMs as NMOS DRAMs, the Court modified the sanctions to require MOSAID to select at least one NMOS DRAM as a representative part.
3 V, 5 V, 20 V, 50 V and 120 V NMOS and PMOS devices on a single chip without any process changes.
SI's preliminary analysis has confirmed the presence of seven levels of copper metalization and revealed several industry firsts, including an advanced nickel - silicide process on the transistor gates, a strained silicon SiGe layer to improve channel mobility, and uniquely customized PMOS and NMOS devices.