PMOSFETPositive - Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor (electronics)
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SiGe(:C) surface channel pMOSFETs with HfO2 gate dielectric exhibit a 10000 gate leakage reduction and a 65% mobility enhancement at high transverse effective field (1MV/cm) when compared to the universal SiO2/Si reference.
12: "Demonstration of High-Performance PMOSFETs Using Si/SxGe1-x/Si Quantum Wells with High-k Metal Gate Stacks and Uniaxial Strain Additivity for 22nm Technology and Beyond" (Sagar Suthram).
SEMATECH: A Novel Electrode-Induced Strain Engineering for High Performance SOI FinFET utilizing Si (110) Channel for Both N and PMOSFETs (IEDM Session 34.