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PMPAPetroleum Marketing Practices Act (US)
PMPAPowder Metallurgy Parts Association
PMPAProfessional Mortgage Packagers Alliance
PMPAPrivate Medical Practitioners Association (various locations)
PMPAPublic Management and Policy Association (London, UK)
PMPAPrecision Machined Products Association (Brecksville, OH)
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By virtue of EISA, a PMPA franchisor must now permit its franchisees to purchase, advertise, and sell renewable fuel--even if the renewable fuel is not a product supplied by the refiner whose trademark identifies the service station, and even if the renewable fuel is not a product that the refiner has authorized to be sold under its trademark.
According to PMPA vice president Jack McNaughton, the trade group has been looking for a tie-up with a publication for some time.
Specifically, the clause purported to forfeit the distributor's right to recover exemplary damages permitted by the PMPA, prohibited recovery of reasonable attorney fees allowed by the act, and shortened the distributor's statute of limitations from one year to 90 days or in some cases six months.
Insurance companies, including Accident and General, Guardian, Hibernian and PMPA, quoted between IRpounds 18 and IRpounds 26
His articles have appeared in journals such as Deus Loci, George Eliot-George Henry Lewes Studies, Paintbrush, and PMPA.
In another study, a drug called PMPA stopped SIV (simian immuno-deficiency virus) from infecting 25 macaque monkeys.
Researchers gave the drug, PMPA, to 25 macaque monkeys as late as a day after inoculating the animals with simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV).
07 billion of outstanding PMPA electric revenue bonds to 'A-' from 'BBB+'.
The Insurance Compensation fund was used in the 1980s to bail bankrupt motor insurer PMPA and AIB's insurance arm, Insurance Corporation of Ireland.
PMPA, the active form of tenofovir, proved very effective in preventing HIV infection in early animal studies (tenofovir is a chemical modification of PMPA, designed so that the drug could be given orally, as PMPA cannot).
PMPA recently introduced a package called Freedom which offers unlimited contents cover for people taking out building insurance.
Even in advance of deregulation, the PMPA cities are under pressure to lower their rates and limit their dependence on utility revenue transfers.