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PMPIProject Management Professional Institute
PMPIPatented Medicine Price Index (Canada)
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Stiffer measures and accountability are needed now, including upholding the suspension orders,' Yoly Esguerra, national coordinator of PMPI, said in a statement.
The contract was awarded in May 2016 to PMPI for the city's yearly Sports, Music, Arts and Recreational Training (SMART) program.
It was later learned that some of these have yet to be delivered, King added, claiming that this was confirmed by Lopez and even the supplier, PMPI, which promised to turn over all the sports supplies.
PMPI started initial operations in June 2016 and will be serving the growing Philippine market and other neighboring countries in the ASEAN region.
The clear upper solution containing PPE, PMPI and PMPI-co-PPE was collected by a pipette.
Certainly we do not expect that all the added PMPI can react with both blend components simultaneously.
It turned out that not all purchased items have been received, which she said was confirmed by predecessor Lopez and even the supplier PMPI, which committed to finishing the deliveries.
Co 'demanded and accepted full payment of the purchase price despite knowing fully well that PMPI has not made a complete delivery of the purchased items.