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PMPMPilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum (Massachusetts)
PMPMPer Month per Member (finance)
PMPMPer Member Per Month
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1st Qtr 2nd Qtr Medi-Cal total enrollment 2014 (**) 6,094,748 6,544,289 Medi-Cal total enrollment 2013 (**) 4,587,938 5,026,150 Medi-Cal total enrollment 2012 (**) 4,223,278 4,283,319 Percent change in Medi-Cal enrollment 13Qtr over 14Qtr 33 30 Percent change in Medi-Cal enrollment 12Qtr over 13Qtr 9 17 Ambulatory encount PMPM 2014 0.
Because many individuals moved in and out of Duval and Broward Counties and/or changed eligibility during this time, only those months where the individual lived in one of the Demonstration counties and was in a Demonstration eligible category were used to calculate baseline PMPM expenditures.
Financial Impact Projection Ambulatory Ambulatory Medical Medical Cost Group 1 Cost Group 2 Pre-period mean PMPM cost in $133.
Unlike traditional short-run CVP analysis, which typically shows revenues and costs in total for the whole organization, the strategic SPCM model presents the GM and SG&A costs for each product and customer on a PMPM basis to be consistent with the industry standard.
Specifically, Figure 4 shows the changes in the PMPM drug costs, other medical costs, and total costs that result when the initial uptake of rFVIIa increases and decreases.
One comprehensive representation of healthcare cost for those enrolled in HMOs is the PMPM premium.
The weights are based on the mean State FY 1996 PMPM charge for each ACG, for which the charge distribution was truncated at three standard deviations above the mean ACG-specific PMPM State FY 1996 charges.
They can cost about $3,000 to $4,000 per member per month (PMPM)--20 or more times the average PMPM for most health plans.
The total PMPM expenses decreased for both groups (38% for the experimental group and 10% for the control group), but the cost difference was statistically nonsignificant (P=.
Obviously, if only service connected veterans were allowed to access care, facilities could be closed and staff reduced, but probably never to a level where even Medicare PMPM rates would apply.