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PMPMPilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum (Massachusetts)
PMPMPer Month per Member (finance)
PMPMPer Member Per Month
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Because many individuals moved in and out of Duval and Broward Counties and/or changed eligibility during this time, only those months where the individual lived in one of the Demonstration counties and was in a Demonstration eligible category were used to calculate baseline PMPM expenditures.
Although participants in general had slightly lower costs and utilization as measured by inpatient admissions, emergency room visits, and PMPM costs, the differences were no longer statistically significant.
Unlike traditional short-run CVP analysis, which typically shows revenues and costs in total for the whole organization, the strategic SPCM model presents the GM and SG&A costs for each product and customer on a PMPM basis to be consistent with the industry standard.
Specifically, Figure 4 shows the changes in the PMPM drug costs, other medical costs, and total costs that result when the initial uptake of rFVIIa increases and decreases.
Finally, payments for healthcare services PMPM by the Federal Employee Health Benefits Plan (FEHBP) constitute a third cost indicator.
In the second simulation, PMPM charges were truncated at three standard deviations above the mean for each specific ACG.
Arnett's costs include the monthly PMPM fee to StatusOne for ongoing, monthly updates of our registry and use of the CareLink software.
7 million are impressive, they are a tiny fraction of the more than $17 billion that calculates to exorbitant costs of care PMPM.
PCMPs are reimbursed on a FFS basis for medical services and receive a PMPM medical home payment.
For PSNs, PMPM expenditures were the sum of all paid amounts for claims in a given month, including a monthly patient case management fee paid to PSN providers, while for HMOs the PMPM expenditures were simply the monthly risk-adjusted capitated premiums.
Of the average rebate payment of $87 PMPM, plans projected they would allocate about $78 PMPM (89 percent) to reduced cost sharing and reduced premiums and $10 PMPM (11 percent) to additional benefits.
This is achieved through contracting, either to a payer, a hospital, or whomever has the control over the PMPM revenue.