PMPTPost-Modern Portfolio Theory
PMPTPerfect Murder, Perfect Town (Laurence Schiller book)
PMPTPreventive Medicine Planning Tool
pMPTPrimary Mouse Proximal Tubule Cells (biology)
PMPTProgression Masters of Physical Therapy
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1c can be attributed to stretching vibrations of the O--C=0 ester group of the PMPTS block, which proves the successful synthesis of [SiO.
According to the GPC results, the molecular weight of PMPTS moiety in PS-b-PMPTS was 25,000, which was obtained by subtracting the molecular weight (16,100) of PS from that (41,100) of PS-b-PMPTS.
Our opinion is, as the wettability is determined by surface chemistry and surface geometrical microstructure (1), (2), this phenomenon can be attributed to the fact that the PMPTS block is not so hydrophobic than that of the PS block, although the surface of the [SiO.