PMPTPer Mare Per Terram (French: By Sea by Land)
PMPTPost-Modern Portfolio Theory
PMPTPerfect Murder, Perfect Town (Laurence Schiller book)
PMPTPractical Management for Plant Turnarounds (industrial maintenance)
PMPTPlanar Modular Production Technology
PMPTPreventive Medicine Planning Tool
PMPTProgression Masters of Physical Therapy
PMPTPrimary Mouse Proximal Tubule Cells (biology)
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PMPT invests in nine low-correlated asset classes, including basic materials, bonds, energy, financials, gold, healthcare, real estate, technology and utilities.
Point of time refers to a specific instant in time or a precise reference point in time, which ultimately leads to reading clocks and calendars (PMPT, 1981, p.
The term "time intervals" refers to learning about and using formal units for time, as well as the measuring and calculating durations of time (PMPT, 1981) It is the abstract, intangible nature of time (Boulton-Lewis et al., 1997), or the fact that it can be neither seen nor touched, which makes measuring and calculating time intervals difficult for students (Monroe et al., 2002).
Closely related to this is the idea of "time span", or the experience of time passing (PMPT, 1981, p.
However, in the articles devoted to the grafting on [SiO.sub.2] nanoparticles, little attention was paid to [SiO.sub.2]/polystyrene(PS)-b-polymethacry-loxypropyltrimethoxysilane(PMPTS) hybrid nanoparticles via surface-initiated ATRP (SI-ATRP), especially characteristics of the PS-b-PMPTS block polymer and the morphology of the hybrid nanoparticles (it should be the crucial point which designs the roughness of micrometric particles).
The PS chain ends on the surface were reactivated to initiate PMPTS grafting.
1c can be attributed to stretching vibrations of the O--C=0 ester group of the PMPTS block, which proves the successful synthesis of [SiO.sub.2]/PS-b-PMPTS nanoparticles.
According to the GPC results, the molecular weight of PMPTS moiety in PS-b-PMPTS was 25,000, which was obtained by subtracting the molecular weight (16,100) of PS from that (41,100) of PS-b-PMPTS.
In addition, the grafting of PMPTS on [SiO.sub.2]/PS nanoparticles creates larger interspaces between grafted [SiO.sub.2] aggregates, thus further roughening the [SiO.sub.2]-based films.