PMPYPer Member Per Year
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As a result, specialty drag outlays stand to grow $356 PMPY in the pharmacy benefit versus $69 PMPY in the medical benefit.
While Armello was made in a co-working space full of game developers, PMPY was born in spaces where exposure to other game makers was much lower.
Gillespie-Cook likewise identifies something 'fairly Australian' in PMPY, largely through its depiction of the 'more casual elements' of sport.
Whether the connection between PMPY and some of Foddy's work, like QWOP or GIRP, is particularly Australian or not remains to be seen--but QWOP was definitely at the forefront of my mind the first time I saw PMPY.
The standardized risk-adjusted PMPY costs of care provided by these practices vary from a mean cost of $2,645 >n the lowest quintile to $4,156 in the most costly quintile.
It appears that structural integration of services is only one dimension of the PMPY cost issue.
Table 3 The Influence of Practice Structure, Location and Ownership on Standardized Risk Adjusted PMPY Cost PMPY Parameter Estimate P-Value Intercept 3178.
Spending PMPY by major diagnostic category, the report noted, include musculoskeletal (CAGR: 5.
PMPY cost data were obtained from Blue Plus administrative claims data.
To adjust for these differences, we created a PMPY adjustment based on the average level of payment for 35 separate high-volume relative value units (RVUs) and used that product to correct for payment differences.
The degree of management was then compared to other factors that might also impact the change in PMPY spend for specialty drugs, including the ages and gender of the employees and the size of the employer as measured by covered lives.
The unmanaged group experienced the highest annual average increase in PMPY spend for specialty medications: 27.