PMRAPest Management Regulatory Agency (Canada)
PMRAPro Modified Racing Association (Clarence, New York)
PMRAProtection of Military Remains Act (UK MoD)
PMRAProper Motion in Right Ascension
PMRAPublic Management Research Association
PMRAProfessional Motorcycle Racing Association
PMRApulmonary magnetic resonance angiography
PMRAPiedmont Medical Research Associates (Charlotte, NC)
PMRAPriddis-Millarville Residents Association (Canada)
PMRAPostNuke Module Registration Authority
PMRAPerformance Measurement, Risk & Attribution
PMRAPacific Management and Research Associates
PMRAPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation Alliance
PMRAPhiladelphia Manufacturers' Representatives Association
PMRAPacolet-Madison-Rion Association
PMRAPest Management Regulatory Act (Canada)
PMRAParticulate Matters Research Activities
PMRAPrivacy in Medical Records Act
PMRAProjected Manpower Requirements Account
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These most recent findings by the PMRA are consistent with previous decisions made by authorities including the World Health Organization, European Commission, U.
Based on all the data, PMRA assesses the risk, taking into account exposure of children, pregnant women, seniors, pesticide applicators, and agricultural workers.
The PMRA requires extensive testing to identify and measure any potential risks posed to health or the environment.
Lily Rodriguez, who has been a subscriber to the PMRA service since August, 2009 says, "After losing so much money in my retirement account before deciding to put my savings in a money-market mutual fund, I thought I would never invest in stocks again.
At an industry-sponsored conference last month in Ottawa, Canada, the PMRA announced preliminary findings demonstrating the benefits of using electronic submission software technology.
Since 1991, the NASBA/AICPA IQAB and the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants have participated in a two-party PMRA.
Both electronic forms of the submission were presented to the PMRA in Ottawa on June 30, 1998, by Bayer and Electronic Submission Publishing Systems, Inc.
To ensure human health safety in Canada, the PMRA uses risk assessment to quantify the level of pesticide residues in or on foods, which, when they are employed according in accordance with label directions, will not be harmful.
Belyk suggests that the PMRA considered bee mortality only in the context of neonicotinoids, rather than other causes such as disease infections.
One example is BmJ WG biological plant activator that is under concurrent review by the EPA, CDPR and joint review with PMRA of Canada.
Approval from the PMRA, a department of Health Canada, means that BioForest can start promoting the pesticide to other markets.