PMRMPartitioned Multiobjective Risk Method (economics)
PMRMPolymeric Materials for Regenerative Medicine (symposium)
PMRMPower Measurement Report Message
PMRMPeriodic Maintenance Requirements Manual
PMRMPerpendicular Magnetic Recording Media
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The review and ratification process is critical for both the development of the PMRM and its successful implementation.
The draft PMRM is sent to all individuals who are included in the responsibility matrix.
For example, when developing a PMRM at Computer Network Technologies (CNT) in Minneapolis, feedback suggested that we should: add four new steps; expand three steps; split one step; repeat one step (business plan and budget) several times; and modify the emphasis and nomenclature of three other steps.
The CNT feedback was incorporated into the company's PMRM, which is shown in Figure 3.
We anticipated originally that the PMRM would be viewed by some as a bureaucratic albatross.
Also, to our surprise, the PMRM has been embraced by even the most non-procedural people in the most unstructured organizations.
Although heavy industry and the high-tech industry both use process mapping to improve productivity and performance by reconfiguring the order in which process steps are performed, there are fundamental differences in why and how process mapping is used in heavy industry, and why and how the PMRM is used in the high-tech industry.
Cloud computing and social networking are two of the drivers behind PMRM, which will target the needs of the Smart Grid, health care, finance, insurance, eDiscovery, geospatial, eGovernment, and other areas," added Michael Willett, OASIS PMRM Committee co-chair.
As one of the industry's leading providers of IT management solutions for the cloud and the virtualized data center, CA Technologies sees the OASIS PMRM TC as an important step forward in enabling customers to implement this kind of unified and adaptable model to fulfill their new privacy management requirements.
Participation in the PMRM Technical Committee is open to all interested parties, including privacy policy makers, privacy and security consultants, auditors, IT systems architects, and designers of systems that process personal information.