PMRMPartitioned Multiobjective Risk Method (economics)
PMRMPolymeric Materials for Regenerative Medicine (symposium)
PMRMPower Measurement Report Message
PMRMPeriodic Maintenance Requirements Manual
PMRMPerpendicular Magnetic Recording Media
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Estandarte said the PMRM relief works proved more extensive because apart from storm Vinta, hundreds of families in four Maguindanao towns were affected by renewed clashes between BIFF combatants and military forces on Christmas Day.
Not a policy itself but rather a tool, the PMRM will find broad uptake in e-commerce and e-gov implementations," said Dr.
PMRM picks up where broad privacy policies and control statements leave off," explained John Sabo of CA Technologies, co-chair of the OASIS PMRM Technical Committee.
Cloud computing and social networking are two of the drivers behind PMRM, which will target the needs of the Smart Grid, health care, finance, insurance, eDiscovery, geospatial, eGovernment, and other areas," added Michael Willett, OASIS PMRM Committee co-chair.
As one of the industry's leading providers of IT management solutions for the cloud and the virtualized data center, CA Technologies sees the OASIS PMRM TC as an important step forward in enabling customers to implement this kind of unified and adaptable model to fulfill their new privacy management requirements.
22, 2009, received an approval letter from the PMRM to develop the South Kishma field.