PMRSPerformance Management & Recognition System
PMRSPersonal Model Radio Service
PMRSPerformance Monitoring and Reporting System
PMRSProcurement Management Reporting System (US Navy)
PMRSPartial Medical Restraint System
PMRSPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitative Services
PMRSProfessional Marketing Research Association (Canada)
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PMRS standards include a lower actuarial return assumption and higher additional funding costs, which would increase the city's annual pension costs, putting additional financial pressure on the city but increasing the pension funded levels.
9 million, excluding the PMRS charges, for the same quarter last year and $15.
5]Palestinian Medical Relief Society (26 June, 2008) Israeli Soldiers Deliberately Attack PMRS Health Worker http://www.
General Dynamics UK recently completed the Base Platform Critical Design Review (CDR) for the PMRS variant, as part of the SCOUT SV programme.
The primary drivers contributing to the first quarter 2010 results compared to the fourth quarter 2009 excluding the PMRS liquidation losses were (on an after-tax basis): 1) lower net interest income of $1 million related to the liquidation of the PMRS portfolio during the fourth quarter of 2009 (see explanation above), and 2) lower noninterest income of $2 million, including $1 million of gains from the sale of other assets in the fourth quarter 2009 related to transactions executed in connection with the performance improvement project.
3 million after-tax losses related to the liquidation of the bank's PMRS portfolio discussed above.
The PMRS were purchased primarily to manage liquidity and interest rate risk.
For these efforts he received a PMRS Performance award in 1990; Senior Executive Awards in 1991, 1992 and 1993; and a Presidential Meritorious Award in 1994.
Specifically, the GreenMeter[TM] has been added to the list of approved products under California's PMRS subsidy program, such that residents installing this unique ICP Solar application will qualify to receive rebates, tax credits, and other incentives under the "Go Solar California" initiative - a $2.
Existing Stratus PMRS customers will be able to take advantage of upgrade policy discounts.
9 GHz, unlicensed mobile WLANs, as well as CMRS and PMRS systems.
If any municipal plans are to remain outside of PMRS, professionalize investment decision-making by setting mandatory qualification standards for municipal pension fund investment managers.