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PMSAPrimary Metropolitan Statistical Area
PMSAPacific Merchant Shipping Association (San Francisco, CA)
PMSAPharmaceutical Management Science Association
PMSAPrint Media South Africa
PMSAPrimary Mirror Segment Assembly (space telescope)
PMSAPower Sources Manufacturers Association
PMSASeaman Apprentice, Patternmaker Striker (Naval Rating)
PMSAProject Management System Assessment
PMSAProject Manager for Selected Ammunition
PMSAProgram-Managed Systems Assessment
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Having been with PMSA since 2001, Eric has helped the private parking company grow into one of today's most reputable parking management operators throughout the Los Angeles market.
The model uses PMSA fixed-effects to control for all time-invariant characteristics that are specific to a PMSA and that contribute to rent levels.
The aim of this study is to calculate and evaluate a novel PMSA by 3D finite element analysis of electromagnetic field and torque characteristics, also with detailed discussion on the effects of some key factors, then the improvement on the niche genetic algorithm for optimization applications is performed by using the combination of sharing method and the exclusion mechanism to derive better effects.
Over the 10-year period the monthly number of unemployed individuals in the Seattle-Bellevue-Everett PMSA ranged from 46,354 (April 1998) to 93,333 (February 2003).
This difference changes two CARC grades: the Chico-Paradise MSA, which received a C- in CARC, would receive a D, and the Vallejo-Fairfield-Napa PMSA, which received a C in CARC, would receive a C- in this study.
An enthusiastic proponent of, and participant, in the South African government's Motor Industry Development Programme, PMSA has created employment benefiting 200 families, and also set up a training college.
Retailing is another major source of jobs, employing almost 11% of workers in the PMSA and nearly 9% within the city limits.
85 million in 1950, while the population of the PMSA (which now covers 4957 [km.
According to the report, Dallas' PMSA average household income of $94,427 (versus the national median of $90,069 for the top 50 U.
The number of drug stores in the Boston PMSA has risen to more than 800 in 1995 from 632 in 1987.