PMSBPharmaceutical and Medical Safety Bureau (Japan)
PMSBPersonal Mobile Satellite Broadcasting
PMSBProject Management Service Bureau (Arlington, VA)
PMSBPembinaan Marwan, Sdn. Bhd. (Malay: Construction Marwan; Malaysia)
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Mesmo com prorrogacoes do prazo inicial para apresentacao do PMSB estabelecido em 2013 e alterado para o final de 2015, nem todos os municipios dispoem ainda do referido instrumento, o qual e exigencia para o acesso a recursos orcamentarios da Uniao quando destinados a servicos de saneamento basico.
Although the PMSB can act as a stand-alone program in the role of a soil of thesaurus of Slovenian language, its is actually designed as a subroutine to support the system STAVEK-02 which goal is to enhance and/or to improve the machine-man dialog, by pinpointing and/or explaining the meanings of specific words.
"Full details on the assigned rating have been provided in PMSB's preliminary rating announcement on October 16, 2013.
The proceeds from the issuance will be mainly utilised to finance the construction of the 31-storey Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) office tower, which is being undertaken by PMSB under a 28-and-half-year concession awarded by the Government of Malaysia (GoM) represented through MITI on 3 February 2012.
(14.) Francisco PMSB, Barros A, De MB, Segri NJ, Alves MCGP, Cesar CLG, Malta DC.
The BoD of Perm electricity sales company (Permenergosbyt, PMSB RX, PMSBP RX) has approved EGM to decide on interim dividends for 9M 2012.
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