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"PMSEA is actually suggesting the big brother-small brother approach concept and we are studying that especially on their capability to process," he said.
PMSEA President Walter Brown said small-scale mining operations under Minahang Bayan sites has just caused environmental degradation and ineffective results.
In an interview with reporters at the sidelines of the annual PMSEA Conference in Baguio City, PMSEA president Dr.
PMSEA President Louie Sarmiento, in his speech during the awards on November 24 and affirmed in a telephone interview, told the BusinessMirror that the annual ANMSEC and PMIEA aim to encourage all mining companies and relevant industries-including cement and quarrying companies-to do better.
The PMSEA, a member of the mines chamber, dispatched its teams to Tacloban to work with volunteer groups and other local and national government units.
The whole conference started with the welcoming remarks from the PMSEA President, Louie Sarmiento and a tree planting ceremony at the Botanical Garden as a way of promoting the environmental awareness and as part of the agreement that PMSEA has adopted a 1,000-square meter area in the garden and nurture for five years.
However, he does not agree that the government should stop the declaration of more Minahang Bayan sites and close-down the existing ones, a suggestion made by PMSEA President Walter Brown a day earlier.
"They should close all existing Minahang Bayan and institute a program which we propose, what we call the big brother approach, where we get the established big mining company that's working in the area that would work in coordination with the government and with the small-scale miners," PMSEA president Walter Brown told reporters here.
This week, from Thursday night to Friday dawn, members of the Philippine Mine Safety and Environment Association (PMSEA) and local firefighters scrubbed and washed off the polluted grime off the tree's massive trunk.