PMSEICPrime Minister's Science, Engineering and Innovation Council (Australia)
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Australian Commonwealth and State governments have recently created policies for integrated water cycle strategies to provide multiple benefits (PMSEIC 2007b; Victorian Government 2013).
There has been considerable improvement in urban water management since the late 1800s, supported and underpinned more recently by publications such as ARR (PMSEIC 2007b).
I was part of the working group charged with reporting to the PMSEIC on the energy-water-carbon challenge.
This was the framework the Working Group used to arrive at five recommendations in the PMSEIC report.
The PMSEIC working group's Resilient Cities and Towns initiative provides one example of how water, energy and carbon considerations might be integrated into coherent policy.
PMSEIC (1999) Dryland salinity and its impact on rural industries and their landscape.
He says 'to achieve that PMSEIC target we've got to harness the spirit of conservation within the Australian community, find the right partners and work collaboratively.
A conceptual model for the occurrence of dryland salinity that has received widespread support (PMSEIC 1999; Salama et al.
(1999) and PMSEIC (1999) and that these need to be incorporated into management strategies developed to control dryland salinity.
The second main source of salt that is indicated by PMSEIC (1999) is oceanic salt delivered to the surface by either rain or wind.
If the sources of salt, which have been considered by many workers and are summarised by PMSEIC (1999), do not explain the occurrences at Jinchille, then two options exist; either the Jinchille data presented here are in some way unique, or an alternative mechanism exists.