PMSRPostmortem Sperm Retrieval
PMSRpurchased mortgage servicing rights
PMSRPeptide Methionine Sulphoxide Reductase (biochemistry)
PMSRPatternmaker, Ship Repair (US Navy)
PMSRPerformance Measurement System Report
PMSRPeople's Movement for Self Reliance (India)
PMSRPrime Minister Situation Room
PMSRPMS Rangers (gaming)
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To clarify, not every case of PMR involves PMSR. (16) In some cases the sperm was stored by the deceased while he was still alive in order to hedge against future infertility.
Com base nos parametros morfologicos avaliados foram calculados os indices de qualidade de mudas: relacao entre altura da parte aerea e peso da massa seca da parte aerea (H/PMSA), relacao entre altura da parte aerea e diametro do coleto (H/ DC) e o Indice de Qualidade de Dickson (IQD), por meio da formula (DICKSON et al., 1960): IQD = PMST(g)/[AP(cm)/DC(mm)] + [PMSA(g)/ PMSR(g)], sendo PMST, o peso da massa seca total obtida pela soma do PMSA e PMSR.
Foram calculados, com base nos parametros morfologicos avaliados, os indices de qualidade de mudas: relacao entre altura da parte aerea e diametro do coleto (H/DC); altura da parte aerea e peso de materia seca da parte aerea (H/PMSPA) e o Indice de Qualidade de Dickson (IQD) (Dickson et al., 1960): IQD = PMST(g)/[AP(cm)/DC(mm)]+[PMSPA(g)/PMSR(g)], sendo PMST o peso de materia seca total obtido pela soma do PMSPA e o PMSR.
The first reported case of a pregnancy following PMSR was in 1998, with a subsequent successful birth reported in 1999.
Those in the industry prior to 1995 will remember that a mortgage banker purchasing PMSR recognized that purchase, at cost, as an asset on the servicer's balance sheet, while an originating mortgage banker did not reflect OMSR on its balance sheet.
KMV Coutinho, PMSR Rizol, LFC Nascimento e APP Medeiros participaram igualmente de todas as etapas de elaboracao do artigo.
Another challenge for servicing was the impact of PMSR during this phase.
Well, was that before or after excess servicing and PMSR (purchased mortgage servicing rights) adjustments?
There isn't much current expertise in the market regarding hedging PMSR [purchased mortgage servicing rights] and OMSR, so companies without the expertise to hedge servicing will likely sell it.
The issue was purchased mortgage servicing rights (PMSR).