PMSVPilot-To-Metro Service
PMSVPerceived Message Sensation Value (drug abuse)
PMSVPassy-Muir Speaking Valve
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The four subscales that compose this scale consist of: (a) how well does PMSV fulfill employee needs (staff satisfaction), (b) how well does PMSV fulfill the professional needs of the organization (quality of care), and (c) how well does PMSV fulfill the needs of the outside community.
The correlations for subscale 1 (how well does PMSV fulfill employee needs) were between 0.
At PMSV, $9 million were spent on remodeling the nursing units with little consideration given to the need to allocate resources for leadership development or consensus building for administrators or staff.
In the pediatric population, the PMSV may also enhance the bonding process between parent and child.
A retrospective chart review was conducted to determine the tolerance of the PMSV in infants and children 2 years of age or less.
Of the 64 children, 35 (55%) were not eligible for PMSV trials.
The PMSV trials were ordered by the physician and were performed at various times throughout the post-operative course for different children.
Of the 29 children trialed, 24 (83%) of the children tolerated the PMSV and 75% of those produced vocalization on the first trial.
The diagnoses for the five children who did not tolerate the PMSV included (a) subglottic stenosis following congenital heart defect repair, (b) status asthmaticus with gastroesophageal reflux and glottic edema, (c) extreme prematurity with hydrocephalus and laryngeal atresia, (d) multiple congenital anomalies with small larynx and micrognathia, and (e) William's syndrome with glottic stenosis.
Sixteen children who were ventilator-dependent were ineligible for PMSV trials due to their medical instability.
The PMSV offers individuals who require tracheotomy the opportunity to connect with their environments through vocalization.
Fifty-four percent of the infants who received PMSV trials in this study were below the age of 6 months.