PMT1Protein Mannosyltransferase 1 Gene
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For example, one day PMT1 asked the students to convert 2.
For example, before the start of the study, PMT1 did not have access to Base 10 ma terials, and he/she was not familiar with these materials.
2 During the interval from PMT1 to PMT4, an increase in the number of sites with PD and CAL [less than or equal to] 3 mm, and a consequent reduction in the number of sites with PD of > 4 mm, could be observed.
The incidence rate of TL, when considering individuals and teeth as the sample units (from PMT1 to PMT4), was respectively 18.
The Table 2 shows the average of present teeth by age groups from PMT1 to PMT4.
Among the 28 individuals who presented TL from PMT1 to PMT4, 15 individuals were male and 13 female.