PMTFPermanent Mineral Trust Fund (Wyoming)
PMTFPortfolio Management Task Force (World Bank)
PMTFPublic Mass-Transportation Fund (Indiana)
PMTFPerformance Measurement Task Force
PMTFPATRIOT Missile Transmitter Facility
PMTFPakistan Machine Tool Factory Ltd
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The PMTF results led to a Pain Campaign Plan that recognized the importance of primary care providers (PCPs) and their teams in pain management, noting the majority of patients receive their pain care from the physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners working as primary care providers across the force.
Asad Umar said that the Factory had no proper business model and directed the PMTF MD, to come in the next meeting with its historical background of the Factory.
The PMTF works to develop a holistic, multi-disciplinary, comprehensive pain strategy, focusing as much on pain management as on quality of life for Soldiers and their Families.
Initially in year 1974, PMTF developed complete gear box, transfer case and rear axle of Nishan Jeep (Willy Jeep CJ5).
It is also a model of successful odor control, utilizing multiple atomized mist scrubbing systems to neutralize odorous organo-sulfide compounds generated by the plant's PMTFs and sludge thickener unit processes.
PMTF workforce was very much competent to even manufacture very sophisticated machines besides modernization of the machines.
PMTF has all major production facilities like; Conventional Machines, CNC Machining Centres & Turning Machines, Gear Manufacturing Machines, Well-equipped Tool Room with modern facilities like Jig Boring, Thread Grinding, Spark Erosion, Die Sinking & Copy Milling Machines, Most Modern Heat Treatment facilities in particular for Automotive Transmission components compatible with international standards, Surface Treatment, Pressure Die Casting, Sheet Metal facilities, Design Center having Computer Aided Designing & Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) facilities, CNC shop, Electronic Lab, Facilities for Metallurgical & Chemical Laboratories.
The decision came after the Privatisation Commission forwarded two summaries to the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) on 10th September 2015 requesting for an approval of around Rs1 billion for two month salaries for PSM employees and Rs96 million for PMTF employees.
More than 50 Swiss Experts while working in PMTF trained the local management and staff i.
He said that Ministry of Industries and Production will work with finance division to expedite the process for approval of proposed bailout package for PMTF.
In this case the management of PMTF in violation of Companies Ordinance, 1984 and the Rules of CPF Trust failed to deposit the contributions and deductions made under CP Funds in the account of PMTF Employees Provident Fund Trust since 2008 till date amounting to more than Rs 108 million.
PMTF Karachi has achieved an excellent development process, initiated through in house R&D efforts, for producing Computerized Numerically Controlled Turning Centre (CNC Machine Tools) has successful results.