PMTFPermanent Mineral Trust Fund (Wyoming)
PMTFPortfolio Management Task Force (World Bank)
PMTFPublic Mass-Transportation Fund (Indiana)
PMTFPerformance Measurement Task Force
PMTFPATRIOT Missile Transmitter Facility
PMTFPakistan Machine Tool Factory Ltd
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Similarly, the ECC approved a proposal for payment of Rs128 million for the salaries for the month of February to May 2019 to the employees of the Pakistan Machine Tool Factory and directed the Ministry of Industries and Production to hold a meeting with the Strategic Plan Division, Commerce Division, Sindh Building Control and Sindh Revenue Control to finalize a plan to hand over the PMTF to the SPD after clearance of all liabilities.
Similarly, the committee approved a proposal for the payment of Rs128 million to the PMTF employees in the head of salaries (February to May 2019).
The ECC approved a request of the Ministry of Industries and Production for provision of Rs833m to PMTF for payment of employees' salaries and retirement benefits.
The PMTF reportedly has orders in hand and, given the above breather, it is likely to overcome its financial problems.
The PMTF inspected 2,269 retail establishments and food outlets in the first six months of the year.
(21(pE-1)) The PMTF had broad representation from the DoD, Veterans Administration (VA), and civilian pain treatment communities and assessed the state of pain care at the time.
being made for the revival of Pakistan Machine Tool Factory (PMTF).
According to the report of the Plastic Monitoring Task Force (PMTF), of the 4,519 establishments it inspected from January to March of this year, only 366 or around eight percent were caught violating Makati's Plastic Regulation Program under the Solid Waste Management Code.
"It moo we h but "pmtf gt "Preparation games are games, preparing us for something a lot more important - what we do in the Euros and our qualification for Brazil.
The measurements performed were tone thresholds; transient-evoked otoacoustic emissions, with and without contralateral noise; and psycho-acoustical modulation transfer function (PMTF), thresholds for brief tones in modulated noise.
Kevin Galloway, chief of staff for the PMTF at the Office of the Surgeon General, said.